Meaningful Work for Body, Mind and Spirit.

Odiyan Retreat Center is a spiritual and ecological sanctuary high on a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Modeled after Tibet’s first monastery – a three-dimensional mandala – Odiyan models a way of life that integrates work with a path of self-exploration.


Join a community  dedicated to meaningful work, wholesome living, community involvement, and the  development of mind and spirit. Odiyan volunteers receive housing, vegetarian meals and monthly living allowance ($150 per month) while working to create the symbols of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in the West and serving to strengthen Buddhist cultures throughout Asia. … Read More...



Devote your time and energy to: landscaping, construction, foundry and metal work, organic vegetable and flower gardening, vegetarian cooking. Engage in sacred art and text projects. Work a variety of jobs. Learn valuable skills or share your own. Help manage and beautifying our gardens, temples, buildings, parks, open land and forest. … Read More


Volunteer Buddhist

Although Odiyan has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism, no religious affiliation is required to join our team. If you are open-minded, self-reflective and ready to engage deeply, you can share in a dynamic repository of knowledge for inner and outer accomplishment. You will embody skills at all levels from the practical and technical to the sacred and esoteric. … Read More..


Now taking applications for Spring and Summer 2017. Seeking the hardy outdoors-loving gardener or landscaper with an interest in using everyday experience as a means for self discovery.



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Odiyan Retreat Center is open for six month volunteer retreat program participants only. Odiyan is not open to short-term public visits at this time. Our sister centers Ratna Ling Retreat Center (Sonoma County, CA) and Nyingma Institute (Berkeley, CA) are happy to welcome short-term visitors.