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Apply to Volunteer at Odiyan

Minimum commitment is  early August through mid-December, 2018, or 6 months starting no later than Sept. 30th. There is a 2-week holiday break in late December.

1. Download application and guidelines for submission. (Word) ODIYAN 2018 VOLUNTEER APPLICATION  (txt.)  Odiyan Volunteer Application2018

Or call our office 510-981-1987 or email volunteer(at) to have an application emailed to you.

2. Return completed application to volunteer(at)

3. Applications are reviewed by the Volunteer Committee. If we are interested in pursuing your application, you will be contacted within 1 week.

4. Schedule an interview

5. Check references

6. Acceptance to program

7. Arrival to Odiyan

The application process can take up to 2-3 weeks.

Minimum age 21


Guidelines for Applying

We are seeking applicants with the following attributes:

    • Financial resources for travel to and from Odiyan, and to maintain personal bills ( car, phone, etc.)  for six months.
    • Physical, mental, emotional health and stability.
    • Willingness to commit to the community’s rigorous schedule, community guidelines and policies.
    • Physical strength to engage manual labor for hours on a daily basis.
    • Positive attitude toward taking direction and flexibility toward changing daily tasks.
    •  Capacity to manage the stress of living in a busy and productive environment.
    • Sincere interest in inner development and being a member of an intentional community
    • Not dependent on a lot of socializing either personally or online
    • Proven history of dependability including punctuality

Volunteering at Odiyan is challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. Applicants must be in good physical health with no major or ongoing health concerns. Please do not apply if you are coping with major unresolved emotional issues, withdrawal,  diagnosed psychological disorders; or if you have recently quit smoking or using drugs, recently begun a regimen of medications, or have recently begun or have recently been released from a recovery program.

Trial Period: There is a one month period, which is included in the six month commitment. The purpose of trial period is to confirm to our mutual agreement that the program is a good fit for the applicant.

We welcome volunteers from around the world; however please be aware that if you do not hold a United States passport or green card we cannot by law assist you in obtaining a visa for entry, visiting or residing in the United States. We cannot issue any letters of invitation or confirmation for volunteering at Odiyan.

Interested but have some questions?

By Email: Fill out the form below for more details and the application.  By Phone: 510-981-1987